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Shotgun Mic Foam Windshield, 5cm STD Hole

Shotgun Mic Foam Windshield, 5cm STD Hole

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Fits: AKG C451 | AudioTechnica AT4022, BP3600 | BeyerDynamic MC930, MC950 | DPA 4006A, 4011A, 4015A, 4018A | Neumann KM184 | Rode NT5, NT55 | Schoeps CMC6 + MK4, MK5 or MK41

Fits other small pencil condenser and instrument microphones 19-22mm in diameter, with slots less than 5cm from end of mic and that have standard length preamps.

Mic Foams by Radius are made in the United Kingdom using a semi-open cell material that is also resistant to UV and moisture.

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