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Mini Urchin Lav windshield, White (Pair)

Mini Urchin Lav windshield, White (Pair)

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Fits miniature lavalier mics 2-4mm in diameter such as: Countryman B6 | DPA 6060 | Deity W.Lav Pro | Sanken COS-11 | Sennheiser MKE 1 | Voice Technologies VT401/403

The Mini Urchins come in three colours of synthetic fur (black, white & grey) and have a super low profile that is approximately 25mm across from end-to-end. Mini Urchins provide discreet wind protection for ENG interviews, scripted dialogue or plant mics. The Mini Urchins have a unique blue saftey strap which holds the fur firmly in place. Mini Urchins can also be used when hiding personal lav mics under clothing to prevent rustling noise.

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