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Windcover for Cinela COSI

Windcover for Cinela COSI

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The Radius Windcovers are made from a high quality, multi-piled synthetic acoustic fur. Each windcover is lined with a smooth internal lining, that gives additional wind protection. 

Key Features:

  • Each windcover comes with 2 snap fasteners to seal the windshield in.

  • The windcover slips under the suspension. 

We offer Fur Windcovers for the Cinela Cosi in a range of sizes: 

Large - (Cosi-L-19 4017C , Cosi-L-20 CMC, Cosi-L-21 Mini CMIT, Cosi-L-CMS50, Cosi-L-8060, Cosi-L-8060-MZF, Cosi-L-MKH50)

Medium - (Cosi-M-19, Cosi-M-22a, Cosi-M-22b)

Small - (Cosi-S-19, Cosi-s-CCM)

X Small - (Cosi-XS-CMC1U, Cosi-XS-CMC1L, Cosi-XS-19)


Disclaimer: This item is not intended to replace the fitted fur supplied to the COSI, but instead for extra protection in extreme high wind conditions. When using multiple layers of fur, it may impact the HF performance and handling noise of the COSI’s suspension. 

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